Facebook Marketing Offer. For a Limited Period Only

Business is getting harder and harder, and the customers who come to your store are getting lesser and lesser…

Everybody who is in the business is like trying to lower the price further to win customer over, but doing that will make you “Tutup Kedai” sooner or later…

Now, if you are just stepping into doing business, that’s even more challenging.

No one knows about you, no one knows your brand or company…

Dear bosses, do you have this trouble?

If you do, Facebook marketing should be able to help you.

According to the latest data, there are approximately 25 million active users in Malaysia.

Imagine, from this group of people, assuming that 0.1% of these people become your customers, you will have 25,000 customers…

This is the power of Facebook!

In order to increase our company’s branding, we decided to launch a one-month “trial period” package for all the bosses…

In this particular month, you only pay for advertising! Every single cent is spent on advertising.

???? In this month, advertising copywriting, photo, we will do it for you for FREE! No Kidding! ????

And… We will do Search Optimization for your Facebook Page for FREE! So that it’s easier for FB users to find your brand and company on Facebook!

???? After a month, we let you decide whether you want to continue or not.

If you are interested, PM or Whatsapp to learn more about it!

Whatsapp ????

You can also call the following number
????+6011 6326 8457


生意越来越难做,上门的顾客少得可怜.各各商家为了锁住顾客,拼命丢价钱,但生意这样做迟早Tutup Kedai… ????‍♂

如果你刚刚踏入做生意的话,更挑战,没固定顾客,没人脉,没人懂你的品牌… ????




想像一下,从这一堆的人, 只要有0.1%的人成为你的客户,你也会有25,000个客户哦… 这就是Facebook的威力所在!



???? 在这一个月里,广告文案,照片,我们将免费为你包办,绝不戏言! ????

还有… 我们将免费为你Facebook Page做搜索优化(Search Optimization)让用户在Facebook上更容易找到你的品牌与公司!

???? 一个月后,你来衡量要继续与否,没合约束缚。

有兴趣的话,马上PM 或 Whatsapp我们了解详情吧!

Whatsapp ????

????+6011 6326 8457